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PRIVACY POLICIES This privacy policy is intended to inform you of how Abe's Concrete Footings and Foundations LLC is aware that the security of the Information is important to you and we are committed to protecting the information you provide to us. This is how Abe's Concrete Footings and Foundations LLC protects your personal data. We may obtain your personal information in any of the following ways: Through our WEB page Email By phone or any other oral means Once we have your personal information, we promise not to use it for any purpose, other than the one communicated to you previously, including the following fines for which you have consented since you provided us with your personal data: To provide you with services that you request from us. To respond to your post-sale requests and other related events. (There will be times when we will use your personal information, to communicate with you, and solve problems that may occur with our services). In compliance with the laws and regulations that apply. The information that Abe's Concrete requires to provide a service includes in the form non-limiting example: name, email address, home or work address data and phone numbers. In the event that the user wishes to cancel the information provided to the database, he will request the withdrawal from email: CONFIDENTIALITY For no reason and without your prior authorization, your personal information will be provided to third parties, except when the personal information is not identified as yours. Abe's Concrete will only provide information about its clients to its affiliated companies that are committed to respecting the privacy policies indicated here, or at the express request of an authority. LAW COMPLIANCE At Abe's Concrete we work in compliance with the applicable laws for the protection of personal data in the United States, and we have corporate policies designed to protect the information from our clients. POLICY REGARDING COOKIES Cookies are small files placed on your hard drive by a website. These files identify specific information about the visits they have made to the website. With a view to facilitating the navigation on our page and the collection of information regarding the number of visitors to our site, as well as to determine if they are new or repeated visits, it is possible that we place certain cookies within our website. We only use this information to follow the patterns of navigation of our clients and to be able to improve our page and make it more user-friendly and Allow to satisfy the needs of our users. You can configure your browser to restrict access to "cookies".

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